We are professional lanyard manufacturer located in Yiwu, China, offer wide range of quality neck lanyards, we have wide variety of attachments and accessories for personalized lanyards, fully custom made available. Lanyards are a good promotional tool for your organisation, it's highly visible location make it an opportune product to customise to promote your company, welcome to contact us for your request.

Polyester Plain Lanyards

We offers custom blank lanyard, wholesale plain lanyards to worldwide customers, custom lanyard color is available to us, we have a wide variety of attachments available to meet your requirement.

Regular neck lanyard length is 90 cm (35.4" inch), regular width options of polyester lanyards are 1, 1.5, 2 cm (3/8", 1/2", 3/4" inch).

Below are some pictures for your reference, we can manufacturing according your picture, design and requirement.

Plain Polyester Lanyard #HLBLK001

Plain Polyester Lanyard #HLBLK002

Polyester Plain Lanyard #HLBLK003

Quick release buckles allow you to remove the bottom hardware portion of the lanyard without having to remove the lanyard from around your neck. A very useful feature for keys or for id card swiping systems.

Plain Lanyard #HLBLK004

Plain Lanyard #HLBLK005

Plain Lanyard with Badge Reel #HLBLK006

Tube Lanyards

Tubu lanyards are some of our most popular lanyards , tube lanyards are polyester woven into a flat tube, tube lanyard made of from tube-stitched softer material similar to a shoelace. Available plain and printed with your design.

Plain Tube Lanyard #HLBLK007

Plain Tube Lanyard #HLBLK008

Plain Tube Lanyard #HLBLK009

Plain Cord Lanyard #HLBLK010

Lanyard Color Options

We offer color matching for our orders, PMS color matching available.

Lanyard Size Options

A standard lanyard neck length is 90 cm (35.4" inch), we can do custom length according your request. regular width are 1, 1.5, 2 cm (3/8", 1/2", 3/4" inch)

Attachments & Accessories Options

j-hook, lobster claw, bulldog clip, key ring, cell phone loop, carabiner hook, oval hook, thumb hook, no swivel hook, bead ring, crimp, buckle release, plastic breakaway, velcro breakaway, badge reel, badge holders...etc.

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Buying lanyards from China direct

If you have any request of lanyards, and you would like buying from China direct, feel free to contact us.


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We are a professional lanyard manufacturer located in China, offers a variety of custome lanyards, mobile phone lanyards, bottle holder straps, luggage belts, pet collars, dog leashes, and shoelaces.
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